Chakra Gong Vissudha ''Throat'' Meinl 80cm

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The Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Gongs are handmade masterpieces in Germany. Each gong is tuned to a specific frequency (based on Hans Cousto's calculations of the "cosmic octave") which helps activate the corresponding chakra. The elaborate hammering provides visual stimulation and creates the unmistakable sonic character necessary to awaken the senses. Finally, a special sandblasting technique is used to fuse the chakra symbol into the center of each gong.

Throat Chakra:
The fifth chakra (Vissudha) is located at the level of the throat. When balanced, this chakra promotes communication, self-determination, and independence.
For maintenance, we recommend the use of Meinl Gong Polish Cleaner (MGP).

Handcrafted masterpiece made in Germany
Deep and warm sound characteristic
Sandstone Chakra Symbol
6th chakra: forehead chakra (Ajna)
Corresponding mantra: Om
Tuning: 221.23Hz / A2
Diameter: 24" / 60cm / 60cm
Included: Cover and gloves

Technical characteristics
Materials: Nickel-silver
Includes: Lid and gloves