Chimes Venus ''Sweetness, balm to the heart'

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The difference between synodic moon and sidereal moon is based on how we measure time and the position of the Moon in the sky.

The synodic moon is the period of time that elapses between two phases of the Moon that repeat, such as two full moons or two new moons. It takes about 29.5 days for the Moon to return to the same phase, and this is the measurement of time we use for lunar calendars.

On the other hand, the sidereal moon is the time it takes for the Moon to return to the same position relative to the fixed stars in the night sky. This takes about 27.3 days, as the Moon itself moves in its orbit around the Earth as the Earth revolves around the Sun.

In summary, the synodic moon measures the phases of the moon, while the sidereal moon measures its position in the sky relative to the fixed stars.

MEINL Planetary Energy Chimes are made using Hans Cousto's (The Cosmic Octave) calculations to match the frequencies of the sun, moon and planets. Each chime is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency of the celestial body. These energy chimes have been designed for therapeutic applications.

Handcrafted masterpiece
Silver anodized aluminum alloy
Fine tuning
Wooden beater included
Hot-stamped logo and tuning information
Made in Thailand

Technical characteristics
Material: Silver anodized aluminum alloy
Includes: Wooden beater