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Sagrada Madre Palo Santo incense is a unique 100% natural incense, handcrafted in Argentina. It is made from Palo Santo shavings and powder, glued with a vegetable binder.
Each pack contains 8 sticks that burn for approximately 60 minutes.

Sagrada Madre
Sagrada Madre means 'Holy Mother', Pancha Mama, and this name reflects how they deal with the Earth's resources. For harvesting Palo Santo, the Sagrada Madre only uses old tree branches that have fallen naturally from the tree. They work directly with indigenous communities in Peru and Argentina to plant Palo Santo trees and fight deforestation. Also, Sagrada Madre makes sure to plant more trees than they use.

All variations of Sagrada Madre incense are carefully packaged in attractive natural packaging material to create the least possible impact on the environment.

Benefits of Palo Santo
Palo Santo has long been used by different cultures in sacred ceremonies and is known for its purifying effects. Palo Santo smoke is used to remove negative energies from spaces and auras, and brings inner calm and well-being.

Warnings – instructions for use
Place in a suitable incense burner.
Do not leave incense burning unattended.
Keep out of reach of children.
Ventilate well.