Set of 6 Solfegio Crystal Singing Bowls

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Solfeggio frequencies:

Ut 396 Hz contributes to the release of guilt and fear and transforms sadness into joy.

Re 417 Hz helps to overcome traumatic experiences and to simplify changes.

Mi 528 Hz positively influences life. This frequency is synonymous with transformation, miracles and signs and, according to some studies, it even seems to be able to influence our DNA.

Fa 639 Hz stands for harmonious relationships, love, tolerance and communication. Listening to this frequency harmonizes relationships between people and promotes inner balance.

Sol 741 Hz stands for intuition, problem solving, purification and increased consciousness. Regular listening to this Solfeggio frequency helps to live healthier and to modify one's way of life, for example in the field of food.

The 852 Hz promotes the return to mental and spiritual harmony. The intensive listening of this frequency allows an opening of the conscience.

Meinl Sonic Energy's Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowls are crafted from ancient frequencies. Solfeggio frequencies are sound vibrations that are said to have a healing and beneficial effect on body, mind and soul. Already in antiquity, these frequencies were known and used for the treatment of physical and psychological illnesses. For example, monks used these historic frequencies in their Gregorian chorales and found a healing effect in transmitting vibrations to the body. These high purity quartz white frosted singing bowls create a very pleasant aura with their sound and design. Their long-lasting spherical sound spreads when the singing bowl is lightly tapped or rubbed, so the energy can be felt throughout the environment. In this set of 6 Solfeggio, all the crystal singing bowls are delivered with a silicone ring to avoid possible shocks and to guarantee optimal resonance. A medium shaft (CSBRM) and a mallet (CSBM) allow you to start playing immediately. Crystal Singing Bowls can be used for a variety of purposes: Chakra Healing, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Yoga, Improving your Fengshui Home, Adjusting your Emotional State, or even for decorating a room.